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Valueprice Budget Store  is a safe and secure Ecommerce platform for buyers and sellers. However, when buying a product on this marketplace you need to check the following aspects so as to ensure complete safety. 



ü Sneak Peek Into Seller’s Feedback Profile: Primarily, get a sneak peek into the seller’s feedback profile. Seller Rating (no. of stars) is indicative of the quality of service that the particular seller offers to its clients. In case, you come across a negative feedback for the seller, it’s a warning sign and you must pay heed to that.


ü Secure Payment Modes: You should go for a safe and secure payment mode. Refrain from sending money via MoneyGram, Western Union or other less secure methods. It is recommended not to buy items directly from the sellers; there are chances they may not stick to the rules and policies of  Valueprice Budget Store . In that case you are not covered under this platform’s Buyer Protection.  Strictly avoid ads or sellers asking for down-payments to “reserve” an item.  These are often fraudulent practices to siphon off your money. 


ü Resist Temptations & Report Dubious Listings: In the listings, you may come across unbelievably under-priced items; don’t get deceived. Such deals are often too good to be true. Be cautious in case you find discrepancies such as item description in a language different from that of seller’s country, item description appears to be designed by automated translator, etc. Never buy prohibited items on Valueprice Budget Store and immediately report such listings to us


ü Ensuring Safe & Sound Delivery: Prior to placing order, you should enquire about the delivery charges and the expected time for completing the delivery. Sellers offer a host of delivery services and if you want to keep track of your order status, you can select a service accordingly. In case, you have any problem related to delivery of your item, don’t be hesitant in contacting the seller. 

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